Card Making Workshop EN|FR

Sessions to help you create personalized cards, around a theme that is close to your heart, with help and support from Véronique, Moovandji’s experienced trainer. 

Choose the technique you like and the materials that inspire you: cut-outs, glued papers, paint, pop-ups, pictures, transparent touches, colors, patterns, confetti... Véronique will help you translate your ideas into original creations! You will be able to surprise your loved ones by creating several unique cards from A to Z which will enable you to express all your artistic and poetic qualities! 

Acquire new skills To create your card, you will be able to experiment with a specific theme through different artistic techniques: sketching, cutting, photography, pop-up, collage, staging, drawing... It is the creative process: testing several versions so as to find the right one! You will, therefore, create different cards around the theme you have chosen by having fun and letting loose with the various materials, patterns, composition, words, letters...


For Age Groups:

6-9 y


This workshop is led in the following languages: English and French


Workshop Program:


Workshop Prices and FAQ:

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