Magic Workshop EN

Joe, Moovandji’s experienced trainer, will give the tools to attract and capture the attention of the audience, teach the techniques of manipulation, in a fun, educational and friendly atmosphere. Learning magic in Istanbul has never been easier! Learn various magic tricks in all simplicity and friendliness, learn and master the technical basics of magic, work on the staging and the art of relating to the audience, and practice presenting your tricks. 

The Program:

Introduction to magic with the presentation of the magician's code, types of magic, presentation of magic to the public and how to practice magic. Learning magic tricks, "Oldest trick in the book" and the "Vanishing ball", Magic tricks with a coin, and tricks with a rubber band. Group practice Learning new magic tricks: with the magic bracelet and the magic fabric.

Discovery and learning of magic predictions, "Gummy bear prediction", "Number prediction".

Acquire new skills:

Learn to work on gestures, memory, and concentration while developing your manual skills and logic.

Develop a sense of observation, creativity, and imagination. It is also a good way to improve your oral expression, overcome shyness and develop self-confidence.


For Age Groups:

8-10 y

11-12 y

This workshop is led in the following languages: English


Workshop Program:


Workshop Prices and FAQ:

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